Writing 101, Day One: Unlock the Mind

I actually did this when it first appeared in my email.  Instead of going to look for it in one of my many notebooks, I’ll just do it again!  I know the first time I did this, it was simply a very long list of the things I needed to do. I’m sure I could cross a few things off that list and add a hundred more, but the looming to dos don’t seem to be what comes to mind.

Earlier tonight, I decided to clean out my inbox and unsubscribe to a few things when I came across the Writing 201 workshop. Great I thought, I haven’t even finished 101 yet!  I clicked the link and registered for Writing 201.  Even though 101 is not prerequisite, I feel compelled to do 101 first!

Why do we feel the need to do things in order? 

I’m thinking I need to do all of 101 before Monday so I can be caught up before beginning 201.  My nature is that if I don’t get it done, I can’t begin the new workshop!  I didn’t pay for the workshop and it’s not some kind of requirement so why do I do this to myself.  I probably won’t get it all done before Monday, in fact I most likely won’t even come back to do Day 2.

My twenty minutes of free writing are up and I have to go to bed, but this is the most I have written in forever!  I hope I will start 201 on Monday , even if I don’t get 101 done! 

Maybe sometimes we need to just start improving from this moment instead of waiting to catch up before we can move forward.

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Odd Time of Day

This is really an odd time of day for me to write, but who knows maybe it will be the time that finally works for me! The ADHD in me could write at any given moment a hundred times a day, but the OCD demands that I schedule it at the same time everyday for a set amount of time. Luckily, I have just enough OCD to keep myself employed and able to run my household!

The reason for the time shift today is that my high school friend, whom I found out is my cousin at our reunion this weekend, just called and will be here in a couple of hours. I thought I better get my “postaday” done before she gets here and maybe I’ll be able to sneak in a few quotes or something this weekend. She is probably staying until Sunday!

I always thought of myself as a loner, since I have never had a problem being alone and even prefer to be most of the time. It seems that ever since I decided to move back to my hometown and write something, I have become quite social! Well, I guess that’s a story for another time…

…supposed to be working, Dr. Phil is on (the only TV I watch besides Grey’s Anatomy) and I gotta straighten up the house.

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