May 2, 2018





November 2017

Ok, so I can’t believe that was five years ago!  Basically, part of the reason that was my dream job was because I got to live in a beautiful place with a fantastic view and work from home.  I always thought that to be the perfect conditions in which I would become a writer.

I started out doing a little writing, but then got busy and never took the time.  There would be plenty of time later, after everything was up and running smoothly.

Then in March of 2016, the property sold.  That was the end of my job, my home and life, as I knew it.

I have been  thinking about starting a new journal.  From the beginning, my motive was to practice writing more and is still.

Since my time at Salt Creek is now the middle of my story, I will take up where I left off.  The intention was always to reveal the struggle and accomplishment of how I got there in the first place, even though it was slightly off from my actual dream.

Maybe that door closing put me that much closer to the real deal.  We will see.



October 2012

I am finally doing my dream job, getting paid for something I would do for free! I am the manager of Salt Creek Lodge and I also get to live here…




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