Got Drunk and Missed a Day

Well I haven’t missed a day technically, if I get this in before midnight! But, I really missed a day in time, because I normally post just after midnight.

I spent the entire day yesterday studying how to use Word Press and reading a million other posts. Then my brain was so jumbled that I couldn’t think, not to mention I got discouraged after reading so much good stuff. There’s so many good writers out there that I wondered whatever made me think I could write.

I never made any tea or went to the store for Dr. Pepper like I had been planning all day and now it was dark outside. I was thirsty, but didn’t want to stay away too long from all of the amazing writing I was reading, so I just grabbed a wine cooler and got back to my reading.

My sister had left them there over a week ago when she came over and we played Scrabble. I don’t really drink much at all and we didn’t know what I liked. So, she bought a 4 pack of fuzzy naval wine coolers and a 4 pack of tomato beer. She drank 2 of the beers and I sipped on 1 and a half. She had to drive home and I was sleepy so she left the wine coolers for another time.

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